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Current developments in the Augustów Roundup investigation

Current developments in the Augustów Roundup investigation

On 28 October 2014, the Central Military Archives (Centralne Archiwum Wojskowe, CAW) in Warsaw-Rembertów is going to provide Public Prosecutor Zbigniew Kulikowski with aerial photographs located in the course of a research query concerning the investigation into the crimes of the so-called Augustów Roundup in July 1945…

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All digitised photographs and original documents come from the collection of the IPN Office for the Preservation and Dissemination of Archival Records (OBUiAD) in Białystok and from private collections. They have been previously presented at an exhibition ‘Obława Augustowska 1945 r.’ (Augustów Roundup 1945).

Documents: Citizens Committee for the Search for the Victims

  • oswiadczenie-obywatelskiego-komitetu-poszukiwen1.jpg downloadStatement from the Citizens Committee
  • pismo-urzedu-wojewodzkiego-w-suwalkach-5-ix-19871.jpg downloadDecision of the County Office (Urząd Wojewódzki) in Suwałki
  • pismo-z-instytutu-j-pilsudsiego-w-nj1.jpg downloadLetter from the Pilsudski Institute of America
  • tygodnik-mazowsza1.jpg downloadTygodnik Mazowsze (Mazovia weekly)

Documents: Exhumation in Giby

  • 41.pdf download Fragment of the report from the exhumation in the Wielki Bór forest area (August 1989), conducted following the initiative of the Augustów Forest Exhumation Organising Team

Documents: Augustów Roundup in the documents of the Citizens’ Home Army (Armia Krajowa Obywatelska, AKO)

  • spis-aresztowanych-czlonkow-ak.pdf downloadList of the arrested AKO members
  • meldunek-sytuacyjny-komendy-obwodu-ak-augustow-z-28-v-1945.pdf downloadSituational report from the AKO District Command in Augustów (28.05.1945)
  • meldunek-specjalny-komendy-obwodu-ak-augustow-z-30-vi-1945.pdf downloadSpecial message from the AKO District Command in Augustów (30.07.1945)
  • meldunek-komendy-obwodu-ak-augustow-z-28-v-1945-cd-copy1.pdf downloadMessage from the AKO District Command in Augustów (28.05.1945)

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